ITI Business Development makes changes for first run out of pilot program

The first ITI Business Development course out of the pilot program welcomed a few changes for the 2018 classes, including a collaboration with the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The program was created to educate members on the financial, human resources and general operation of a business in three phases — including distance learning, hands-on and face-to-face training and business planning — all meant to answer one question: Do you want to start a business?

For the 2018 classes, phase three has been modified to allow those wishing to continue the chance to not only learn how to create a business plan from an organization that knows it first-hand, but apply for funding.

The SBA offers updated information on taxes, regulations and business information important for first-time business owners.

“To get more current information, students will come out of phase two with ITI and SMART — if they want  to continue — with the opportunity to create an account with the SBA and complete modules to help them develop their business plans,” said Aldo Zambetti, ITI field staff and facilitator of ITI Business Development. “And there is no timeline on that. That is when they’re going to make the ultimate decision whether or not to go into business. They’re going to continue their fate from there.”

During the second phase, which takes place at Local 33 near Cleveland, students from across the country meet to learn about legal, insurance, finance, labor and sales to seek advice, gather information and ask questions. An addition to the second phase is Chris Carlough, SMART director of education, and the SMART Diversity program, which educates future contractors on equal opportunity and the benefits of a diverse workplace.

“If they’re going to be employers, they need to know this. I think it’s a great match,” Zambetti said. “We added this part to the business program, so we can get these men and women thinking about going into business and their responsibilities as contractors.”

ITI Business Development runs on a seasonal schedule with summer and fall left open for registration for 2018. For additional information, visit the ITI website at and click on “Training.” Email Aldo Zambetti at with any questions.

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