Rochester and Cleveland JATCs receive donated A/C units

The 25-ton Zamil package unit, donated by AHRI, awaits installation at Local No. 46 JATC in Rochester, NY.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), one of the ITI’s equipment testing partners, generously donated two pieces of HVAC equipment to local training centers in November. The first, a 15-ton split system, went to Local No. 33 JATC in Cleveland, while the second, a 25-ton package unit, was acquired by Local No. 46 JATC in Rochester, NY. The Cleveland training center will use the system to expand its service lab, while Rochester is considering the unit as part of an expansion to a two-story training facility or as a general air handling system for the building.

“We always read the e-blasts from Darrell Garrison about the availability of free equipment,” said Don Steltz, director of training for Local No. 46 JATC. “We try to be forward-thinking and consider all the ways we can use it. When there’s an opportunity, we jump on it quickly. I’m glad we did. This unit is bigger and better than I thought it would be.”

Cleveland training coordinator John Nesta agreed. “We plan to use this equipment to enhance the service training we currently offer to our apprentices and journeymen. This equipment provides a bridge between residential split systems and packaged units. Equipment donations allow us to expand our training opportunities without having to redirect funds from our existing training programs.”

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