SMOHIT Joins Health Fair at SMART Local 67 in San Antonio

Member Mike Levingston (left) and SMOHIT Administrator Randall Krocka.

SMOHIT Administrator Randall Krocka traveled to San Antonio’s Local 67 to participate in the Health and Benefit Fair held Nov. 14 and 15. SMOHIT joined the National Pension Fund, the Local’s 401k and health funds, along with other sheet metal funds and benefit providers, to offer medical screenings for members and answer questions about health and safety issues. Local 67 also hosted a good old fashioned Texas barbeque for attendees.

SMOHIT’s Medical Screening Program is an important part of its early detection efforts. Each

participating member receives an examination that includes chest X-rays and a breathing test to detect possible effects of exposure to asbestos, insulation fibers, silica dust, welding fumes and chemicals that can affect the respiratory system; a hemmoccult test to detect blood in the stool; a blood test to measure total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good) cholesterol, and triglycerides (a form of fat in the blood); a PSA test for prostate cancer; and blood pressure monitoring.

Members John Wilson (left) and Mike Beltran (right) participate in SMOHIT’s medical screening program.

“An effective health fair event should promote health wellness awareness for sheet metal workers and their families; share resources; provide appropriate services; foster changes in wellness behavior; teach self-awareness practices; and provide assessment for past, current, and future health issues,” Krocka said. “This fair met all the objectives. And everyone had a great time.”

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